Some Tips About Blogging

So… I ran across some really cool tips about blogging. I think they are valuable. If you want to be a good blogger and create a fan base that will listen to you, then you should apply these tips about blogging. We won’t go into detail but here is basically the high points.

1. Create Rapport. What does this mean? That means create something that inspires a connection with your audience. It makes you human and a friend (almost). This makes the audience want to know more about you.

2. Create Relevance. Create relevant content that makes readers want to come back and visit your sight. Make it interesting and creative. You grab them with rapport, then make them come back with relevance.

3. Provide Instant Gratification. It notes in the blog that you should create small snippets of quality content. Do not get on the tangent train. Awesome advice.

4. Ignite Sharability. Meaning, give your blog an easy way to be shared with everyone. Makes your reach higher and makes people want to share your content.

5. Make Your Closing Count. This is difficult with everything that we see and deal with every day. The ending is either awkward or spectacular. Charge your readers with something.

Well that is it. You can check out the full blog here: Social Media Examiner

It is definitely worth reading! Check it out!


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